Nintendo Badge center - A quick thought

06 December 2015 on

“i can’t afford to not care anymore.”

Scanmem tutorial

14 November 2015 on

For this guide I went with The Binding of Isaac. For other programs start different things and change the PiD search value in grep

From GitHub Fork to GitHub Repo

20 October 2015 on

So a few minutes ago I moved my website (which was originally a modified fork from Jekyll Now) to it’s own repository. The process to do this isn’t difficult, but it also requires one to have some time avaiable. So here is a simple guide toshow you how to do this.

FTL Faster Than Light

14 October 2015 on reviews

FTL: Faster Than Light is a videogame made by Subset Games. The game itself began on kickstarter and actually succeded. But how good is this game? Read this review to find out!

Final Fantasy I review

11 October 2015 on reviews

Final Fantasy I is a game made by the company Squaresoft. Said company was getting bankrupt and the game would be the last for the company. The game became popular and permitted Squaresoft to continue making the game. But is this first entry really that good, or is it through mere luck that it became popular. Let’s review Final Fantasy I!

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