Two guides on how to mirror two specific sites.

19 October 2016 on guides.

Here are two scripts for mirroring two sites. I chose and . Both scripts also have a flag for updating (-u). As per usual, these scripts are Linux/Bash shell only.

Both scripts are designed to only download a single instance of their respective archiving tools. (So one LP or one fanventure per script.)

Two additional notes for the mspfanventures script:

  • The story ID is what is located after the s= part in the URL. It is always a number and it goes up to the p= part.
  • To get the latest page number, go to the latest page and copy the numbers after the p= part.

-> Ev1l0rd.


Restructuring a httrack mirror

Here’s a simple code snippet that can be used to restructure a mirror created using httrack. Must be run on a Linux system and python must be installed with httrack.