Restructuring a httrack mirror

03 September 2016 on .

Here’s a simple code snippet that can be used to restructure a mirror created using httrack. Must be run on a Linux system and python must be installed with httrack.

Not much else for today.


AM2R - A talk about Fangames.

So… Metroid has reached it’s 30 year birthday. Still, it’s sorta sad that Nintendo doesn’t seem to care about the series anymore. With Metroid Prime: Federation Force (or “Metroid Party”) being the only thing that Nintendo does for the franchise’s 30 year celebration it’s sorta sad to see this series, which is responsible for an entire gaming genre I might add, being left behind, having it’s last canon game (Metroid Other M, which has it’s own backlash) in 2010.


Two guides on how to mirror two specific sites.

Here are two scripts for mirroring two sites. I chose and . Both scripts also have a flag for updating (-u). As per usual, these scripts are Linux/Bash shell only.