Review - VVVVVV

28 May 2016 on reviews. 2 minutes

Most platformers follow the same basic formula, with no real changes between them. A game that is a platformer and did manage to mix up the formula is VVVVVV (from now on reffered to as V6), a game released in 2010 by Terry Canvagh.

Avaiable on: Steam, the PS Vita, Android, iOS, Ouya, Open Pandora, PS4 the 3DS (note, at the time of writing, the 3DS version of the game has been pulled due to containing an exploit.)


Gameplay in V6 is of the afore-mentioned platformer variety, but with the twist that, instead of jumping, you instead flip gravity, causing you to walk on the ceiling. This relatively simple idea gets used in various unique and interesting ways, creating the perfect mix between tough as nails aiming and relatively simple puzzles.

V6 is by no means an easy game, and after the tutorial level (which simply introduces the flipping mechanic) you are left with what is essentially an open world game. Due to this, a difficulty spike becomes apparent almost immediatley, and the first dungeon/level thing will take you an hour to complete. After you get over the spike though, the game eases up a bit, and becomes a very enjoyable platformer.

Part of the aforementioned difficulty comes from the fact that you only have one hit-point. Whilst in most games this requires you to be extremely careful with your actions, V6 manages to subvert it somewhat by putting a checkpoint after every puzzle, where you respawn after death. This makes it very easy to fail at a puzzle, but not have to bother with all the previous parts of the level where you already succeeded.

Characters & Story

All characters are one-dimensional. Not much is to be said about them. Then again, you shouldn’t play this game for the characters but for the gameplay.


The music of V6 is by no means bad, but there isn’t really anything I would say stands out.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
+ Interesting mechanics - Though difficulty curve
+ Solid gameplay  


V6 doesn’t hold your hand whilst you play. But unlike other games, it doesn’t spite you for failing. It insteads wants you succeed by trying again. A must have for those that like platformers.


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