Fuck Team Xecuter - Round 2

03 August 2018 on rants. 4 minutes

In case you missed it last time I am not a fan of Team Xecuter. While I’m not gonna rehash it all again, SX OS 1.4 was released in the meantime since the time I made the previous post. So, why not take a look at what exactly they included?

  • Integrated NSP installer

This installer has been proven to be Tinfoil (proof below). And in case you were curious, this is yet another program under the GPLv2. And suprise, suprise, they aren’t following it.

  • Integrated homebrew launcher

Neat I suppose.

  • Allow unsigned NCA

From what I can gather this just allows for prepatched romhacks, which with the advent of LayeredFS already existing seems like a pretty pointless thing to include, but who am I to say?

  • Display SX OS version in menu

Kinda stupid this wasn’t in from the start.

  • LayeredFS fixes for 4.1.0

LayeredFS was lifted wholesale from Atmosphere, so any “fixes” should either have come here from Atmosphere development or should be contributed back to Atmosphere itself. Again, not following the GPLv2.

Now you might be wondering, why just make such a short post? Well… the reason I made this post (and why I’m not letting up) is because Team Xecuter needs to keep being held accountable. By spreading awareness of their shady practices, I hope to achieve that users will not use a product made by this team as it is a damaging product to the scene as a whole.

And there are a few other things I would like to talk about.

“You’re just too cheap for SX OS” and “You somehow can’t buy a 30 dollar product but you can buy a 300 dollar Switch?”

These two arguments are the current main reasonings that SX OS shills try to push against people critical of Team Xecuters behavior. While I obviously can’t speak for everyone, I would like to note the following things:

  • I have 30 dollars, I just think there’s better and more ethical products to spend it on.
  • I can absolutely buy SX OS. I just don’t want to out of principle because I am someone who gives a shit about the Licenses for Free software being followed, which Team Xecuter doesn’t follow. Simple as that. I don’t support thieves.

ReiNX: In the past week, Reisyukaku, lowest of lows dirtbag and developer of ReiNAND released a program called “ReiNX”. Just like Team Xecuter, ReiNX is nothing but a simple amalgamation of existing work and code. However unlike SX OS, ReiNX is an open source program that does properly follow licenses, and as a result, while I still refuse to use it because of it’s creator being an utter cunt, in this case, the program itself doesn’t really annoy me.

As far as Reisyukaku goes, fuck the guy. He’s a textbook attention whore with absolutely no moral standards who played any sympathy cards he could have two years ago. Oh and he likes to rap against LGBTQ+ folks. No wonder /hbg/ likes him. If you have any form of moral standards, stay as far away from him as possible.

Other bullshit:

Just a quick bullet list of news that is relevant:

  • Atmosphere release plans are public. Awesome, although I’m slightly dissapointed at the lack of emuNAND in the initial release.
  • TX makes a statement saying that they have a hack for “Unhackable switches”, to which I’m doubtful as the statement is not only self-contradictory (hacks for unhackable devices uh… what are you one exactly?), but their track record with SX OS so far hasn’t really proven much own work.
  • ktemkin was removed from ReSwitched. For the sake of politeness and privacy and to let this stay dead, no comment on this matter.
  • A leak of the Nintendo SDK is floating around. Let me note here quite clearly that using this SDK opens up your homebrew projects that use it to a Cease and Desist from Nintendo.
  • Nintendo started to ban Switch certificates that fuck around with the CDN. Honestly, I saw this coming from a mile ago.
  • 3DS update 11.8 released. This update will eventually, and already has partially broken all CDN downloaders. It also temporarily broke seedminer.

That’s all for now I suppose.


Fuck Team Xecuter

NOTICE: The following piece is even more editorialized than my normal posts are. If you think me a cunt or anything for what I’m about to rant about, then please fuck off. I don’t need your readership. Same goes for trying to do any cheap gotcha’s. Something I semi-often talk about here is homebrew. For the slightly unaware, although I don’t have the desire to go super deeply into it, homebrew is the idea of running custom code on devices that are often locked down by their manufacturers. Of course, it should go with the addendum that this specifically refers to gaming consoles, as hacking phones have their own names (Unlocking bootloader for Android, jailbreaking for the iDevice) and PCs usually aren’t locked down in any significant manner that can’t be solved with a good old partition wipe and a Linux install.


Discussing Danganronpa V3s ending

Calling Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Everybody’s Killing School Semester in Japan)’s ending controversial wouldn’t be doing it justice. While the first and second game dropped fairly heavy in-universe bombshells, Danganronpa V3 seems to take up this mantle and then proceeds to fucking rob a bank with it. Unlike Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa V3s ending is designed to suck everything out of the player and acts as a final closure to the series.