Getting out of Emergency mode on Ubuntu 17.04

11 May 2017 on

Note: This was executed on Ubuntu 17.04. Instructions may differ if you do not run Ubuntu.

Shovel Knight: Body Swap - Thoughts and Opinions.

22 April 2017 on rants

Greetings Gentleladies and men! Today I’ll be discussing a subject that can only end with this blog going down in flame-wars. Thank fuck I don’t enable Disqus on my blog. Yup. We’re talking about Shovel Knight’s Body Swap mode. Strap on folks, because this is gonna be a juicy one!

A talk on Cydia Extender, Ext3ndlife and /r/jailbreak.

21 April 2017 on rants

Sup ladies and gentleman. How are you? (I’m fine thanks for asking). It’s been a while since this blog has been upd8’ed, but don’t think I’ve gone silent. In fact, today I’m here with you for a completely new topic. Namely, Cydia Extender.

Why online functionality on the Switch sucks.

16 January 2017 on rants

Ugh… I didn’t want to make this post. But since I’m pissed, and I need to vend, I’m going to. Just a quick warning, things are about to get salty. Very salty.

Two guides on how to mirror two specific sites.

19 October 2016 on guides

Here are two scripts for mirroring two sites. I chose and . Both scripts also have a flag for updating (-u). As per usual, these scripts are Linux/Bash shell only.

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