Fixing WASD in vidya games on Linux

27 November 2017 on guides. 1 minute

Sup guys. It’s me. Again. Yeah I still suck at openings. What else is new!

Anyway, here’s just a fairly short fix for something that I have been stumbling over while playing Video Games on Linux for a while now and that is that when I use the WASD keys to control my character in some video games, it basically does repeat pressses causing the character to glitch forward instead of walking. At first I blamed my shitty keyboard for it (which had other issues such as ghosting as well) but when the issue appeared again on my new keyboard, I decided to look deeper into it. In the end I was able to find the solution: While the game is running, open a Terminal and run

xset r off

This disables the repeating key behavior in X11. In order to make it permanent (not tested as I do need repeated keys for other tools) create a file at ~/.xinitrc and put the above command in it. Then make sure it’s marked as executable (chmod +x ~/.xinitrc) and then X11 should apply it automagically whenever you start it. This might override some other settings you have in other X11 config files, so take care before doing that. (Credits to Tom Wijsman on StackOverflow).

Anyway that’s my quick fix for this time. Hope you get some use out of it!

~ Valentijn


Soundcloud, and why it's still on my Death Watch

If you weren’t aware, Soundcloud is running out of money. Seems their method of garnering cash (by annoying the shit out of Content Creators by introducing upload limits) is failing them due to the large difference in paying listeners and free listeners and the fact that they’re getting sued by copyright holders for the large amounts of songs they’ve on their servers without paying royalties.


Critique - SidAlpha

This… isn’t a post I really wanted to make, but I feel that from a certain point I have to. So let’s get down to it. I’m gonna be picking at a critic, which as you most of you should know is one of the easiest ways of getting on a number of folks bad sides. Having said that, I feel there’s a need for at least someone to speak up, outside of comments who dont get their own page or their own spot.